Ingress Dual Map


Ingress Dual Map (for lack of a better name) is an app that runs alongside the official Ingress app, and shows notifications when portals are nearby. These allow the tracking of distance, hack counts, cooldown times and burnout times, all from within the notification.


Initial setup

  1. Download and install IngressDualMap.apk on your phone (QR code).
  2. Start the app, go to Download.
  3. Select one or more lists to download, then download them.

Browsing portals

  1. Start the app, then go to Import.
  2. Select one or more lists to import into the working area.
  3. Switch to the List or Maps pages to see the portals.

In the field

  1. From the Service page, press the toggle button to start notifications.
  2. When you are <50m from a portal, a notification will show the portal name and distance.
  3. Tap the notification for a full list of options, or use the quick actions straight from the notification.


Coming soon

Portal lists

Ingress Dual Map doesn’t use any Ingress APIs (because there aren’t any), so you need to provide it with your own list of portals. Here are some readily prepared lists:

You can download these through the app, or you can add them manually by copying them into an IngressDualMap folder on the root of your SD card.

If you want to use the app elsewhere, it’s pretty easy to make the needed list. You can generate a CSV list of portals using the IDM Export plugin (direct install link / local mirror) for IITC. This adds a link in the toolbox (bottom of the top-right pane) to capture all visible portals and output them as CSV. Make sure you zoom in enough to include neutral portals.


This app is not officially associated with Ingress, nothing to do with Niantic Project, never even heard of by Google, and all that jazz. Use of this app should not be against the Terms of Service, however it is stated (section 2d) that you may not “extract, scrape, or index the Products or Content (including information about users or game play)”. Essentially, this suggests any form of storing information on users or portals (such as community team spreadsheets, planning for operations and so on) is banned. Do portal lists come under this category? I won't be held responsible for your own judgements.